Focus on Yourself

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After weeks upon weeks of consideration, you have finally broken up with your partner. You are probably feeling quite guilty about the whole thing. Well don’t! This is an opportunity for you to rediscover yourself. Being with someone is often like locking yourself in a room with a bag full of crisps. You think you’ll be fine, but by the 3rd packet you’re ready for some real sustenance!

Now is your time to really focus on your own development, or redevelopment so to speak.

This is where you can finally analyse the parts of your life where you have felt inhibited because of your other half. Perhaps you have wanted to take up that additional class at the gym. You know, the one you felt you shouldn’t take because it meant losing time spent on your man? Or perhaps you’ve been stuck with the lovable dead-beat who has not only been chewing through your time and mental energy, but also your bank balance. This is the time to instate those changes in your life that will make YOU happy.

The point is, you have to try to look at the positives, don’t beat yourself up over the break up. No doubt you remember all those negative factors that lead to your seperation. Well guess what? Those no longer exist! Isn’t it time to celebrate?

Once you can love yourself again, then the goodness will flow through all parts of your life. Others will start taking notice and before you know it, you are surrounded by positivity.

Your break up is not the end of the world. There will be more romance, more passion and probably more heart break too. That’s what makes it so exciting. This is an opportunity to grow and develop and perhaps, a little later down the track find someone who you will appreciate, and who will appreciate you.


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