Why Relationships End

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Lust Not Love

He is a great kisser and awesome in bed, but other than that, he is dimwitted and a tad bit slow on the uptake. That initial thing that attracted you to him also attracts him to himself. Its ok, you don’t want dumb kids anyway.

Societal Pressures

Perhaps he is ¬†that guy that all your friends hate. Your friends fail to see the good qualities of this man, and they aren’t afraid to let you know it. You have come to the realisation that your friends have a point. Perhaps their views are rubbing off on you and you are no longer shrouded with the emotions that consumed you at the outset of the relationship. You see him in a different light now. And its time to move on.

Family Pressures

You hate his family, they hate you.

His family hate you, though you have done nothing wrong.

You hate his family and this is rightly so.

He hates your family and he has no right to.

There can be any number of reasons for family pressure. Perhaps its just not worth the effort anymore.

Cultural Differences

In the multicultural society that we live in we find that our differences extend beyond our personalities. Sometimes our backgrounds are so different that our core beliefs are not shared by the other half. Sometimes couples will adapt to one another, but sometimes the differences can be so fundamental that there is little that can be done to unlearn these cultural nuances each of us has grown up with.

Different Trajectory

People change. This is a fact of life and part of the human condition, nothing ever stays static. Sometimes you meet someone at a particular point in time, in your life, where everything just fits together. You may have been studying together, it may have been your shared career paths, or perhaps common social  circles, but at that point in your lives the two of you fit perfectly together.

As we grow as individuals and as couples, life’s twists and turns invariably affect each person uniquely. Your paths may have diverged far enough that you have nothing in common anymore.


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