Mui Wo – Where the poor white people live apparently

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Mui Wo is a cool place. It’s a laid back beach side town and every one gets around riding bicycles. My kind of town. There is an obsolete silver mine here and the English creatively named it ‘Silver Mine Bay’. Operations started prior to European Australia. Pretty Old.

I saw something that made me think though. He was an old bloke, maybe in his 70’s selling a few pieces of fruit on a polyester mat that he laid out at the pier. He has obviously¬†been doing it for a while, because he knew many of the passengers that disembarked off the ferry. He seemed happy, yet I couldn’t help but to feel a tinge of sadness seeing such an elderly person doing what he was doing.

Perhaps growing up overseas makes us ABC’s more sensitive to these things. Rarely do you see old Asian people working like that. Maybe its because I come from a welfare state like Australia.

As much as I wanted to take a picture of him I just couldn’t escape the fact that he is a human being trying to get by and it felt just a little insensitive to do so.

So instead, I’ve taken some pictures of mostly inanimate objects and one of a cat licking its ass. Enjoy!




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