Light My Path

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My second visit to Singapore has been yet again an enriching experience. Initially unwilling to return, my hand was forced by a recruitment agency which had successfully arranged a number of interviews with some very large banks based over there. … Continued


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There appears to be some turbulence on the airwaves surrounding Hong Kong public television licenses. The government is currently pondering on whether they should issue more licenses and I suppose they are consulting stakeholders. Considering there are only two public … Continued

Beginning of ‘Winter’

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While the official start of winter in Hong Kong is 1st December, the weather is still quite mild. The last few days has been what I would describe as ‘nice’ albeit wet weather, the temperatures have hovered around the 22 … Continued

Blind Person Etiquette

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I don’t understand the etiquette required for when and when not to offer help to a blind person. Today I offered the services of my shoulder to a middle aged blind fella with a cane at Tsim Sha Tsui MTR. … Continued

Mainland Chinese and Public Places

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I have a feeling this will soon become a new category of my blog. I just returned from a trip to Singapore – a tropical paradise, the land of balmy nights, delicious food and amazingly attractive women… I don’t get … Continued