Beginning of ‘Winter’

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While the official start of winter in Hong Kong is 1st December, the weather is still quite mild. The last few days has been what I would describe as ‘nice’ albeit wet weather, the temperatures have hovered around the 22 degree Celsius mark, and if you’re walking out and about, quite comfortable.

So it strikes me as somewhat weird that Hong Kong residents have taken this opportunity to bring out their heaviest winter garb. I’m talking about woolen scarves and thick winter jackets. The celebrities don’t make things better (but then again, do they ever?). Here is a picture of some top notch celebs at a recent event, which by the way involved quite a number of furry canines… on a 22 degree day.

Rugged up celebrities on a 22 degree day (…Celsius)

But I suppose as much as Hong Kong is the corporate capital of Asia, it is also consequently highly driven by the very same capitalist backdrop.



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