Mainland Chinese and Public Places

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I have a feeling this will soon become a new category of my blog.

I just returned from a trip to Singapore – a tropical paradise, the land of balmy nights, delicious food and amazingly attractive women… I don’t get it, genetically the same, but so much more gifted!

Anyways, so I was on a plane back to Hong Kong. What the fuck is up with PRC Nationals? Why can they not sit on a plane (or anywhere else for that matter) for more than five minutes without letting out some sort of audible sigh or grunt, clearing their throat, clearing their nasal passage, yelling across aisles to each other – via my seat?

At times it was like they had ADHD.

I suppose they are just enjoying themselves the best way they know how, it just happens to involve a lot of phlegm extraction.

Gripe over.


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