Pyramid Scheme

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I’ve been receiving a lot of requests lately via linkedin, and usually from recruiters. Most of these requests have been from strangers that I have never heard of. These aren’t your typical recruiter emails though. These invites are for an opportunity of a lifetime!  For the most part I have ignored them.

That is until today. I decided to respond to the invitation today for a couple of reasons. Overwhelmingly because this person was already a connection and she works for a <ahem> respectable recruitment firm, if there is such a thing, and secondly, she is quite hot.

I told her that it was interesting that her email was exactly the same as three other emails I had received recently, this was the conversation that followed:

Pyramid Scheme Conversation 1
Pyramid Scheme Conversation 1

I told her that her pitch was already sounding like a pyramid scheme and that it reminded me of a scene from Garden State. Watch it, it’s hilarious:

Then she said this:

First rejection
First rejection

Wait. What? Did she say it’s illegal?!

My journalistic instincts kicked in immediately if not prematurely, She went on to explain that it is not illegal. By this stage I was intrigued and I’ve asked to see her presentation, but only if I am allowed to film the whole thing. She has yet to reply.

I’ll keep ya’ll posted!