Ocean Themed Post!

I have been reflecting on the transient nature of being a single 30-something, overseas-raised and educated male in an international city such as Hong Kong.

The culture of Hong Kong very much has at its centre, the Deity of Wealth, in all its faux-glory. It has a multitude of ugly forms. It manifests itself in the perceptions that are formed based on the area you live in, how much you take home on a monthly basis, if you drive, the car that you drive, the brand of your watch, what your female companion looks like.
Hong Kong Junk Boat
It occurred to me that living here is akin to a boat untethered. We float, we let the tide takes us where it may. Oftentimes, it takes us into the swamp of the putrid Deity, a cove that, once entered, is very difficult to paddle out from.

At all times, however, life here provides an ocean of opportunities (for types like us at least).

In Hong Kong, life can undoubtedly be disconcerting. Although, if you can embrace it, it is mostly exciting. The highs are mountain high and the lows are an endless stream of insecurities, each eating away at your very being.