Pyramid Schemes

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This post is from 3rd of March. I had some technical difficulties with it.

I’ve been hit up a lot recently – via linkedin – by people, usually recruiters, trying to get me into some sort of pyramid scheme. All the emails contain the same standardised pitch that I’m sure they’ve been instructed to send out en masse.

OK – I am assuming it is a pyramid scheme, because they are random people whom I have not spoken to, offering me an opportunity of a lifetime….

For the most part, I’ve ignored them, but this morning I received another invite to join this opportunity. This time I accepted largely due to the fact that the person inviting me was already a connection, and secondly cos she was kind of hot. Here is the email she sent me (I’ve taken away her personal details):

Pyramid Scheme Conversation 1
Pyramid Scheme Conversation 1st

I told her straight up that it sounded like a pyramid scheme pitch and that it reminded me of a scene in the movie ‘Garden State’ when they’re in the hardware store. Watch it, it’s hilarious:

She then responded with this:

First rejection
First rejection

Wait, what?

Did she just say it’s illegal? Now I had to follow up. I’ve asked to see her presentation, but I’ve also asked to film it. I’ve not received a response.

Updates to follow!

8th May, 2015.
I never heard back from her again :/