What Happened to the Past Month?


It’s been a month already since I last posted.

It’s the money end of my Masters degree and all my mental energy has been pretty much devoted to study ….and the making of a documentary!

I think it is a pretty cool story, but then again, I have weird tastes. If you’re into history and old people, then you’ll probably like it. Oh wait, if you like emotional arcs and glimpses of the human condition then you’ll also like it.

I can say it is finished, but I can’t show it to y’all yet though. Give me a few days!

In other documentary news, it seems the pain from the tear gas may well have been worth it after all. Our “Umbrella Movement” documentary just received another nomination over the past month and it’s a pretty big deal.

We’ve been nominated for a HKJA Human Rights Press Award!

No Shit!

There’ll be an award ceremony this coming Saturday and prize money! But as it’s a press award, as in a journalism award, there won’t be any tuxedos or evening gowns. I’m expecting un-tucked shirts, khakis and unkempt facial hair. I’ll definitely be dressing for the occasion.

I don’t want to blow our own horn again… ah bullshit. Here’s another shameless plug: