This Is How I Imagine It To Be

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When I picture adopting a dog, I see myself running along a sandy beach, laughing out loud as I kick through the water, dancing around in large circles as my dog, Rufus, joins me in the waltz in the sun.

Rufus / GavinI imagine lazy walks around my neighbourhood as we go get a bite at the local eatery. I’ll throw Rufus a bit of scrap meat, but not bones though, cooked bones are not much good for him.

Or we might go to a park, where dogs are allowed, and I will bring a picnic blanket, I will lie on it and Rufus the Pug cross Chihuahua will put his ugly but cute mug on my chest.

We will just enjoy each other’s company. We will have no regard for the time that is wasting away because it will not be a waste.

It will be wonderful.