There is no greater injustice

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An interesting thing happened to me at lunch today. I ran into an ex, let’s call her Madgee, because that is as ridiculous as her actual (self) made-up name. We ended our relationship on amiable terms about six months ago, I think. I don’t even remember. I found her a bit dull (of course I didn’t tell her that) and she felt that we were moving too fast. Whatever. It was very civil, we hugged and then we parted ways. I never looked back.

At initial glance it did cross my mind that she was averting her gaze so as to not make direct eye contact, but I figured there was no reason for this type of behavior. So I walked up next to her and tapped her on the shoulder as she was walking, and smiled to say hello. When she looked over her shoulder she gave me a nod, sans smile, and kept on walking.

Excuse me? A fucking nod?

It was so infuriating. It felt like I was getting rejected for something I didn’t ask for. It was like going to a restaurant, being served shitty food and getting bad service.

No seriously, I thought long and deep about this. I thought about telling her that her behaviour was unnecessary and inappropriate, after all, I’m not even the least bit into her. I also thought about going the vindictive route:

“Wow! So good to see you! What’s wrong with your skin? Do you have eczema?”

But no, that wasn’t me. After battling my own rage for the rest of that lunch hour, I decided there was actually nothing I could do to make myself look like anything else but desperate for her attention.

It felt so unjust. Not because I didn’t get the response that I expected – you know, like a “hello” – But because she used my good manners and proper upbringing as a tool to lift herself up to a level that doesn’t exist.

In the end, I decided it was best that I take the higher path – I unfriended her on Facebook, deleted her number and then I wrote this.

Take that, Madgee!