2018. 2018.

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It has been such a long time since I have made an entry into this blog, that I actually forgot how to login.

No kidding. I forgot my password too.

I set up this blog five years ago, when I first arrived in Hong Kong, on the kitchen table of my sister’s apartment. Initially it was just a way to learn about blogging and html, it was an experiment. But it has in fact led to some significant changes in my life. I don’t say that like a self-help book kind of way. This blog gave me a reason to write. It was an outlet for my thoughts and emotions, and it trained my thought and writing process. It led me to change careers. I became a journalist. I continued to write about other things. I fell in love with writing again.

2018 will be a turning point for this blog. This is a resolution of sorts, this year, CalWongHongKong.com will step it up a few notches in several aspects.

  1. Writing

I feel that I have grown comfortable with the idea of being a writer. We all have areas to improve and I am no exception, but dammit, I am good enough to claim this title.

Whether you or anybody else likes it or not is secondary.

  1. Subject matter

I realise that I can come across as a whiny little bitch at times, and while I do feel slightly apologetic for that, this blog has been at times therapeutic for me. Having said that I do intend to write about loftier things. It is a work in progress, but I figured I need to have some sort of strategy for this blog. Some things I will still need to keep close to my chest, but it will all be unveiled in due course.

  1. Aspirations

I am also a little clearer about what I want this blog to achieve. Again, I’m going to keep this one tight. I just hope you will support me on this new journey.



Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash