Hong Kong the Elder

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I self-censored myself recently because I feared that there might be some sort of repercussion to my career if I posted the following article online. I soon came to my senses and realised that censorship is a slippery slope downwards; … Continued

Abbott is Dangerous

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Abbott’s comments are a derivation of Bush’s words. While he tries to portray this as some form of nationalism, it is merely a thin veil over what is essentially, a continued policy of exclusion. Abbott’s deluded rhetoric only serves to divide and tear at the fabric of our society. A beautiful, multicultural tapestry that is beautiful in it’s entirety, and has taken generations to weave.

Three Years Ago

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Three years ago, to the day, I experienced the most jolting of life experiences. It was the reason for why I am where I am now; The benchmark to which I measure all relationships and the catalyst for who I … Continued

Pyramid Schemes

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This post is from 3rd of March. I had some technical difficulties with it. I’ve been hit up a lot recently – via linkedin – by people, usually recruiters, trying to get me into some sort of pyramid scheme. All the … Continued

Drunk Blogging v Drunk Texting

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Drunk blogging is better than drunk texting right? I am reflecting on my previous article, the one where I lay bare my feelings and to a certain extent, my frustrations. In hindsight it is very focused on only one aspect of my … Continued

The Feels

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Men still aren’t allowed, socially, to fully express themselves. Already, my self-censorship sirens are ringing. I tell myself that I shouldn’t be expressing my feelings in such a literary fashion, that I should just go outside and chop some lumber … Continued

Obsessed With Buzzfeed – The Business

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I’m really obsessed with content businesses right now, especially Buzzfeed. I’m fascinated by their success and the founder, partly because he also majored in environmental management for his undergraduate degree. Check out these insights from CEO, Jonah Peretti:  

Pyramid Scheme

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I’ve been receiving a lot of requests lately via linkedin, and usually from recruiters. Most of these requests have been from strangers that I have never heard of. These aren’t your typical recruiter emails though. These invites are for an … Continued


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I have spent the morning asking myself some questions that relate to my career/future, something as you may well know that has been bothering me of late (i.e. the past year and half) I look back at the past few … Continued

Woe is Her

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The last few weeks have been eventful and uneventful at the same time. It has been uneventful in that work is just chugging along, to which destination is yet to be determined. In this respect it has become somewhat disheartening. I … Continued

Endless holiday

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Hello again! I’ve been suffering from a mild form of writer’s block of late, namely, laziness. I had thought about writing a post about Christmas in Hong Kong, but there really wasn’t all that much to report on. As one … Continued

Light My Path

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My second visit to Singapore has been yet again an enriching experience. Initially unwilling to return, my hand was forced by a recruitment agency which had successfully arranged a number of interviews with some very large banks based over there. … Continued


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There appears to be some turbulence on the airwaves surrounding Hong Kong public television licenses. The government is currently pondering on whether they should issue more licenses and I suppose they are consulting stakeholders. Considering there are only two public … Continued

Beginning of ‘Winter’

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While the official start of winter in Hong Kong is 1st December, the weather is still quite mild. The last few days has been what I would describe as ‘nice’ albeit wet weather, the temperatures have hovered around the 22 … Continued

Blind Person Etiquette

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I don’t understand the etiquette required for when and when not to offer help to a blind person. Today I offered the services of my shoulder to a middle aged blind fella with a cane at Tsim Sha Tsui MTR. … Continued

Mainland Chinese and Public Places

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I have a feeling this will soon become a new category of my blog. I just returned from a trip to Singapore – a tropical paradise, the land of balmy nights, delicious food and amazingly attractive women… I don’t get … Continued

Coolest Night I’ve had in 6 Weeks

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Music whispers sweet words to the tormented soul and unbind the shackles of the inflicted ~Cal Wong   Last night a good mate of mine took me to a speakeasy in Hong Kong’s Sheung Wan. Coolest night I’ve had in … Continued

Self Worth

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Warning: This is a depressing self pity post. Turn away now if you want to respect me as a male.   Lately I’ve been feeling uneasy. I’ve been reminded that this existence is fraught with cognitive and emotional hurdles. These hurdles, … Continued

Reflection on Grammy

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I started writing a post dedicated to my grandmother, but I soon realised what an enormous story it was that I’ve dedicated a new section to her. It is definitely work in progress and I will add to it as … Continued

Alternate ways to making a living

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I went for a wander after my Canto Opera experience and made my way to Mong Kok. I read somewhere that this is the most densely populated place on Earth. Interesting isn’t it? These guys were just as interesting:


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So I noticed the last few days I had begun falling into a general malaise and complacent attitude. Hong Kong is a place with many masks, one of  those being Sin City. It is so easy to just fall into … Continued

No words could describe this day

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I visited the place where I was born. My first home. The place where I learnt to write my name in Chinese. The place where my late father ran a restaurant. This is Yuen Long.

Poor Yet Rich

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I am in competition with no one. I march to a different beat. I have no desire to play the game. No desire to be better than anyone. I just aim to improve, to be better than I was yesterday. I … Continued


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I’ve read many articles , columns and self-help blogs telling me to reach for the stars. Telling my to follow my passions and to let go. I respect that. But what if I can’t work out what it is that … Continued

In sha’Allah

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I met this guy on the morning of my last day in Singapore. We were sitting out the front of my hotel smoking a filthy cigarette each. He questioned me about the local SIM card sitch as he was also new … Continued

I like Birds

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My 2nd full day in Singapore and I think I am in love with this place already. The climate is perfect. It is warm and tropical and a wee bit humid, this means plants thrive here. I am always blown … Continued


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Sitting here at the airport I am surrounded by what lays ahead of me. Directly in front of me are two rather attractive Asian girls, a little further along a group of phlegm hocking Chinese Nationals. I am leaving Sydney … Continued

Why Relationships End

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Lust Not Love He is a great kisser and awesome in bed, but other than that, he is dimwitted and a tad bit slow on the uptake. That initial thing that attracted you to him also attracts him to himself. … Continued

Focus on Yourself

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After weeks upon weeks of consideration, you have finally broken up with your partner. You are probably feeling quite guilty about the whole thing. Well don’t! This is an opportunity for you to rediscover yourself. Being with someone is often … Continued