The Kungfu of Noodles

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Not many people know this, but I am a ninja. OK, not true. But I am a kungfu master. I know that sounds like another joke, but I actually am a master of Bak Mei Kung Fu (aka Pak Mei … Continued

2018. 2018.

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It has been such a long time since I have made an entry into this blog, that I actually forgot how to login. No kidding. I forgot my password too. I set up this blog five years ago, when I first … Continued

It is a mess

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Life is a mess. We’re all so determined to gain control of our situation. But nothing is within our reach. He likes her, but she likes that guy, but he likes this girl, but she likes another. We’re all just … Continued


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I’ve come to realise that there are two things in my life that have become more than they once were. Writing and Film Making. Whereas in the past, it was about the best equipment, or the best style or technique, … Continued

My Silver Lining

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After what we might all consider a shitty week, and a couple of extra smelly ones for me, I got some unexpected positive news a few days ago. I got promoted! Without going into too many details, I was given … Continued

Purity is Essential

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Every relationship needs a degree of purity and innocence. It is the essential element required even before trust. I say this because there can be no trust if there is not some perceived foundation of purity between two people. Once … Continued

Vote for me!

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It is that time of the year again when new or near new mothers start spamming their friends on social media to vote for their kid to be the next @Bonds baby search model. I don’t know how to put … Continued

The strangest monologue

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I watched and listened as a girl was speaking to her boyfriend the other day. Girl: I’m beginning to like you, I can really see a future with you, but I’m worried.  I’m scared. Girl: I need to be with a Christian. … Continued

There is no greater injustice

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An interesting thing happened to me at lunch today. I ran into an ex, let’s call her Madgee, because that is as ridiculous as her actual (self) made-up name. We ended our relationship on amiable terms about six months ago, … Continued

The Problem With Content Marketing

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The problem with Content Marketing in Asia is that few people in Asia understand the concept of Content Marketing. Try explaining to your buddy from finance what it is, then at the end of it, ask them if they understand. … Continued

This Is How I Imagine It To Be

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When I picture adopting a dog, I see myself running along a sandy beach, laughing out loud as I kick through the water, dancing around in large circles as my dog, Rufus, joins me in the waltz in the sun. … Continued

Shisan Wu

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Like a typhoon descending onto the international waters of the South China Sea, the People’s Republic of China’s recent ukulele-heavy, English language video-advertorial piece on the country’s Five Year Plan was released via the Twitter site of its primary propaganda … Continued

Ran and Failed

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I ran my first trail race over the weekend. I wasn’t particularly well prepared for the event to be honest. I was a ring-in. I happened to be at the right place, at the right time, seven weeks out from … Continued