My Silver Lining

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After what we might all consider a shitty week, and a couple of extra smelly ones for me, I got some unexpected positive news a few days ago. I got promoted! Without going into too many details, I was given … Continued

Hong Kong the Elder

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I self-censored myself recently because I feared that there might be some sort of repercussion to my career if I posted the following article online. I soon came to my senses and realised that censorship is a slippery slope downwards; … Continued

Pyramid Schemes

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This post is from 3rd of March. I had some technical difficulties with it. I’ve been hit up a lot recently – via linkedin – by people, usually recruiters, trying to get me into some sort of pyramid scheme. All the … Continued


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There appears to be some turbulence on the airwaves surrounding Hong Kong public television licenses. The government is currently pondering on whether they should issue more licenses and I suppose they are consulting stakeholders. Considering there are only two public … Continued