My Silver Lining

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After what we might all consider a shitty week, and a couple of extra smelly ones for me, I got some unexpected positive news a few days ago. I got promoted! Without going into too many details, I was given … Continued

Pyramid Schemes

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This post is from 3rd of March. I had some technical difficulties with it. I’ve been hit up a lot recently – via linkedin – by people, usually recruiters, trying to get me into some sort of pyramid scheme. All the … Continued


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I have spent the morning asking myself some questions that relate to my career/future, something as you may well know that has been bothering me of late (i.e. the past year and half) I look back at the past few … Continued

Reflection on Grammy

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I started writing a post dedicated to my grandmother, but I soon realised what an enormous story it was that I’ve dedicated a new section to her. It is definitely work in progress and I will add to it as … Continued