It is a mess

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Life is a mess. We’re all so determined to gain control of our situation. But nothing is within our reach. He likes her, but she likes that guy, but he likes this girl, but she likes another. We’re all just … Continued

The Problem With Content Marketing

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The problem with Content Marketing in Asia is that few people in Asia understand the concept of Content Marketing. Try explaining to your buddy from finance what it is, then at the end of it, ask them if they understand. … Continued

Shisan Wu

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Like a typhoon descending onto the international waters of the South China Sea, the People’s Republic of China’s recent ukulele-heavy, English language video-advertorial piece on the country’s Five Year Plan was released via the Twitter site of its primary propaganda … Continued

Ran and Failed

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I ran my first trail race over the weekend. I wasn’t particularly well prepared for the event to be honest. I was a ring-in. I happened to be at the right place, at the right time, seven weeks out from … Continued

Obsessed With Buzzfeed – The Business

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I’m really obsessed with content businesses right now, especially Buzzfeed. I’m fascinated by their success and the founder, partly because he also majored in environmental management for his undergraduate degree. Check out these insights from CEO, Jonah Peretti:  

Pyramid Scheme

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I’ve been receiving a lot of requests lately via linkedin, and usually from recruiters. Most of these requests have been from strangers that I have never heard of. These aren’t your typical recruiter emails though. These invites are for an … Continued

Beginning of ‘Winter’

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While the official start of winter in Hong Kong is 1st December, the weather is still quite mild. The last few days has been what I would describe as ‘nice’ albeit wet weather, the temperatures have hovered around the 22 … Continued

Blind Person Etiquette

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I don’t understand the etiquette required for when and when not to offer help to a blind person. Today I offered the services of my shoulder to a middle aged blind fella with a cane at Tsim Sha Tsui MTR. … Continued